Increase the security of your community with a grant from the Department of Homeland Security and Federal Emergency Management Agency today. Turn-key solutions to receiving the grant.

Over $20 million was received in 2016
The DHS Grant for non-profit organizations and places of worship is a 3 step process.
The process is competitive and can be daunting. In order to increase one’s chances of receiving the funding, it’s critical that application process is run professionally and submitted exactly as required.

Step 1 Security Assessment

In order to base your case for receiving the grant each non-profit or place of worship must have a credentialed professional conduct a security assessment of the property. We have a team of security experts who are familiar with the process and have conducted many prior assessments that have successfully received previous years grants.

Step 2 Application Submission

This step combines the security assessment and requires that all institutional information and records be organized in order to allow for a flawless application to be submitted.

Step 3 Tendering Out Installation to Contractors

Congratulations your institution has been approved – What now? A process of obtaining the right contractor to utilize the funds coupled with a system of timely reporting about how the funds are being used and the installations progress is required.